The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) also offers professional certification in … Following Thursday's vote by hundreds of SCTE/ISBE members, the cable industry's standards-setting organization is set to become a wholly owned subsidiary of CableLabs on January 1, … The SCTE/ISBE is offering Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (CE-CP) 2.0 … The SCTE/ISBE has announced new training partnerships with to expand learning and development capabilities in the areas of Carrier Ethernet and fiber-optic structured cabling.. Choosing to pursue SCTE certification also says a lot about your drive, self-discipline and overall professionalism. The BPI certification describes the knowledge of an entry-level technician who will install and troubleshoot telecommunications services (video, voice, and data) at the customer’s premises. ... , SCTE and other professional societies in offering recognized technical certifications. SCTE•ISBE certification is the cable industry’s premier endorsement for professionals. SCTE•ISBE is partnering with Wirewerks, a developer and manufacturer of high-performance optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems, to offer the Fiber … TRAINING — BROADBAND WIRELESS SPECIALIST. ISBE Broadband Fiber Installer (BFI) course is prepared to take the telecommunication industry recognized exam BFI, in addition several additional assessments by other organizations. Successful candidates have the knowledge to carry out a basic "triple-play" installation but … Education, training and certification for fiber optic technicians working in all these areas has become extremely important and that is the focus of The Fiber Optic Association. These qualities have the potential to lead to higher pay, promotions, and new job opportunities. SCTE•ISBE certifications are formed from a proven foundation of knowledge and are based on in-depth testing and ongoing professional development maintenance through continuing technical education requirements. SCTE•ISBE Chapters provide local networking, professional development, and SCTE•ISBE certification opportunities to SCTE•ISBE active and prospective members in 70 locations across the globe. Professional certification is a great way to demonstrate your solid knowledge of cable telecommunications technologies. Learners will gain an understanding of Wi-Fi standards, Wi-Fi network devices, planning and implementation, security, RF basics, antenna theory, and Wi-Fi troubleshooting. SCTE•ISBE This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of wireless networks in homes and small businesses. We are proud that the See the Light® program is recognized by top industry training certification organizations. Our shared commitment to deliver the most up-to-date fiber optic training in the industry ensures that you will always receive the quality training that you expect from Corning.