There really is no avoiding the basting process. I appreciate the reminder! I am delighted that it has been helpful to you all! Your directions and photos were on target--easy to understand and to follow. I was grateful to find this tutorial is still available. I"m going to make some baby quilts and give it a shot here soon. Quilt binding is simply a folded strip of fabric that is used to conceal and bind the edges of your quilt to keep it from fraying.. (and I love the quilt itself!). See more ideas about quilt binding, binding tutorial, quilt binding tutorial. Thanks for the tutorial! I trim, flip, use lots of steam too. Then turned it through a small opening left. I love this technique. I can't wait to try this. I made myself a 'quillow' for travelling and used this method and it worked a treat as I was able to make the quilt in a couple of days in fits and starts. We hope you enjoy! Start sewing 8-10 inches from the end of the binding. maybe you could also try turning under the raw edge more then 1/4"... maybe try turning it in 1/2". Your quilts are beautiful. Will the quilt hang as well with a narrower facing? 3. Facing a quilt is a way to bind your quilt without having the binding show on the front. This is the method that I use to make placemats. I fear I may have to put a double-fold binding on it to ensure it doesn't fall apart. Thanks!! Aug 2, 2020 - Explore Jean Hurtado's board "Binding and sashing", followed by 1195 people on Pinterest. If it were more narrow, (as on the backside of a traditionally bound quilt) then it can be a little more difficult to get a good clean turned edge, (that extra fabric helps you to fold things in more precisely). So easy, in fact, you can finish it in an afternoon if you want to! This tutorial is excellent! You can find more information on how Google collects information in their privacy policy. You are always such a huge inspiration. Intriguing! I took my iPad to my studio and got it done pretty quickly and with good results. And we are almost finished! Thank you so much!!! From start to finish Mom shows you how to bind a quilt with no frills or tools. Oh my goodness, Robin, that is wonderful! Instead, use the information provided as an inspirational stepping stone to your own creativity. Flip the strips up and over to the side, as shown above. Definitely want to try it on my next wall quilt. I follow that edge down as I stitch so I get a straight line. I actually did this technique with dog "beds" for my local shelter, but I didn't first sew top and batting together. I had never heard of facing a quilt before until someone on the Quilters Board posted a link to your method. Quite possibly the best tutorial I've seen for ANYthing!! Please Note: If you wish to share images of my work with others on your blog, (or other internet sharing network that you belong to) you may do so provided that full credit is given to me and a link back to my blog is provided. Love it! :). a very good tutorial and i do like the nice finished look of it when finished.also LOVE the quilt in this post~!!!~:-)libbyQ. I knew you had this tutorial here, so I came to your place quick and fast and found it. I am sorry that I have been remiss in thanking many of you. I always cut the fabric on the grain, but it really doesn't matter if it's cut on the length or the width. I'm a newbie to this type of binding, but the clear photos and hand holding you did helped me get the job done without incident. Oh well next project. As for hanging sleeves, while Barvarian seems to have found a nifty method that works well for her and was kind enough to share it here, I generally just use the traditional method of making a hanging sleeve, and sew it on the same way that I would with a traditionally bound quilt. Kate, you are welcome. I have a table runner I've been working on and have been trying to figure out the binding......I think you just helped me to do so!! Instead the piece has been sewn together, all three layers then flipped so that everything is right side out and the opening that was left is sewn together by hand. Thank you - this is awesome! I am so thankful because I am so happy with the outcome. As I did not have a clear idea, I let it rest for a while and went to take a nap and read a little bit. Will be trying it soon. But now, unlike before, I want you to re-fold and re-roll these two strips back again to the back of your quilt. Thank you for the excellent tutorial! HAVE YOU NOTICED SOME QUILTS LOOK PRETTIER WITHOUT A BINDING. Thanks! i am facing a mini quilt for a swap and this is perfect. Thanks for sharing!Karin på Ösäter You may also share my free tutorials that I have posted on this blog, including the right to print out and distribute, provided that full credit is given to me and a link back to my blog is provided. I plan to use this for most of my wall quilts. Virgínia, your welcome, glad you like it! It does give a nice clean look doesn't it? Here is a peek at the whole quilt (without binding): MAKE THE BINDING. It worked out very well. I too have used it for placemats and other small stuff ... but these look faberooni Rita .. :). They made it easy to hang on to the fabric while rolling and ironing. And best of all it is simple, straight forward and super-duper easy, I promise! In all my years of quilting - why is it that I never heard or seen this binding method!??? Thank you so much! Take your binding on the left side, and lay over the pin. Thank you for this excellent tutorial. (If using a print the print would now be face … Extend the stitched on facing out flat and sew a line of stitching close to the seam edge (on the facing). Thanks for walking us through your method. Then bring something new to the table... your own visions and interpretations. I have seen directions for strips up to 2.5" and as thin as 1.25".... so feel free to experiment!Jill, Ohhh... math... you are making me think hard here! Is that it? So when I came home I looked at several untube videos about facing but knew I hit pay dirt when I came upon your wonderfully detailed directions. Just did it! For this quilt binding method we will attach the binding to the back of the quilt first. Oh my goodness that does look I'll have to give it a try. Visit . Thank you! Bavarian....I also need to make a sleeve. Love the idea of a facing as I am preparing several small wall hangings for our local show. Lovely quilts! Cut your binding strips. I like to leave an approximate 7 inch tail of quilt binding at the beginning, and then sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance all around. I just tried it on my practice piece and it works perfectly! I do love the look of the these quilt edges but I can't be too sure that it is a time saving technique (as compared machine stitched binding). Thanks. I just sewed all 3 layers together at the same time. I just used a similar method for a mini quilt made for a friend. Love it, love it!! I do think it would be a time-saver, as just making the binding takes time - let alone sewing it on just right. Your method does give it a very modern touch. Used on Seed Mix , which provided all of the demo shots for this technique, the no-show binding makes it appear that the quilting lines don't stop just because the quilt does. Mark (binding width)/2 to the right of the pin. I teach beginner quilters this. A lot of my quilts have white backgrounds, though so I worry about the white edges getting dirty with no binding to protect them. Thank you! Today I asked my frienddship group what color I should bind my Dance of the Dragonflys with. I wish I'd found your blog and tutorials sooner. I love the addition of machine quilting as she tied all hers. Please let us know if you can! Great Instruction....thanks.I would like to see how you do your triangular hanging piece. Thank you so much for this gift that keeps on giving! So, this quilt of mine will be faced. I just did this on a quilt I've been working on, and I love it!!! Then, pop!, there it was, NO binding. 2. Brilliant, great tutorial I have 2 quilts where a binding might be taking away from the I was looking for ' just the right color or pattern und checking color combos online and fate took me to your blog is midnight but tomorrow I will do this. This is how I made all of my quilts when I first started because I was too scared to bind them! An excellent tutorial! I have never finished a quilt this way. Cut 4 binding strips a couple of inches longer than the side measurements, then press strips lengthwise in half. My husband's grandmother made all her quilts we have without binding and our son sleeps under one she made for his dad. I hate making and sewing bindings on! Thank you so much for this tutorial! Take the binding on the right and lay over the opening. Lovely tutorial. So I did something kinda like this last night on my quilt that I had already quilted. The majority of quilts are square or rectangular so the corners … Sew the Binding to the Back Side of the Quilt. I'm a bit afraid of becoming addicted. ever try this with a twin size quilt? I think it would definately save me some time since I hand stitch my binding on (I am not very fast). I've done search after search on YouTube and other places, and couldn't find the right tutorial. Absolutely lovely....I've gotta make a quilt now tom celebrate! Awesome! So cool. Mark a spot in the center of the opening, on the quilt. Learn quilter Angela Walters' foolproof techniques for binding your quilts simply and beautifully every time. When it was time, I folded over the strip+quilt front, and then clipped (not pinned) it in place.See my quilt blog: It is a quick finish to simple projects! I forget to check the comments as often as I should and miss notifications routinely...Fiber Creations, the best way to know is to try it! Before sewing on, I drew a line 1/2" up and then folded / pressed the 1/4" fold. I still have the first one which was given to me after my 35 year old son was born. Thank you! :)Claudia, Thank you! Ok this is pretty great. :)Afton, You are most welcome! And a way to save fabric too I'd think! Very clear instructions, and I am so delighted with the result. I have had a small zigzag quilt finished for awhile now but didn't really want to add a binding and cover all those small pebbles up. Sometimes I use a decorative stitch on my machine to sew around the edge for a fancy touch!MGM. Making quilt binding is so easy, here’s what you’ll need: 1 FQ Fabric (I’m using 100% Cotton fabric) = about 4 yards of finished quilt binding; A rotary cutter; Acrylic ruler; Iron and ironing board; And that’s it! I just finished your binding tutorial on one of my small art quilts and I am so pleased with the way it looks and feels. Twice in one day I find you on the internet!! Actually, it is the best to use when you have quilts in unusual shapes (see the pictures below)! Love all your beautiful quilts!!! Laura. If you ever have an old quilt look at it and you can see what I'm talking about. These quilts are so "happy" and cheerful with all their color! I usually save the quilting 'til just before closing hole on edge. As you can see making your own binding is very easy and doesn’t take long! "We do not live an equal life, but one of contrasts and patchwork; now a little joy, then sorrow, now sin, then a generous or brave action" - Ralph Waldo Emerson. :). Pull binding back to the left. It works great. Better to have found your blog and tutorial late rather than never. I'll have to try this. thank you for this great, straightforward tutorial! I'm thinking of trying this out on a simple quilt for my daughter's bed. Featured on the cover in the upcoming Feb/March 2018 issue with my "Objects of Comfort" Talismans. Tutorials by Jenny Doan Sort by Make a "Christmas Cuddle Blanket" with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star ... 6,932 views - 10 minutes. Actually quilted it after the back was stitched and turned. Another great question!Suzss, for a hanging sleeve, I simply make one as I would for a traditional quilt and I leave about a 1" section of "slack" along the top edge which I would place about 1" down from the top of my quilt while sewing the upper portion of the sleeve just under the stitched edge of the facing. I do find it faster than binding, and I think it makes for a nice edge too! What is Quilt Binding? I doubt I will ever go back to bias binding and mitered corners.Thanks a bunch.blessings, jill. I have just started quilting....and felt as though I was not doing it the "right" way....because I do not use binding on any of mine.....:). Love the backing fabric on these! This is how Mom used to do a binding. I finish my quilts the same way. It is a beautiful print and stunning in these quilts. Love the backing fabric! Many thanks!!! Thanks so much for this tutorial! Look for my article on tips for working in a series in the Winter 2014 issue of Art Quilting Studio. Thank you for a wonderfully clear tutorial! What a fabulous idea, and the quilts look just wonderful. I was trying to figure out how to bind a quilt without the binding showing and the only way I knew how to do it is by sewing the wrong sides together and reversing it. And this photo above, shows what the back will look like. Thanks for this tute, I'm a confused lefthander with mitring issues and you have just given me the best way to bind runners without all the bulk of traditional binding.thanks from Australia xxxx. Look at my last one. have the same problem with the bottom side. 1) STITCH. I highly recommend using this technique.July 25, 2018, Hi again!!!'m dying to try it your way next time, looks much easier! We added a blog post about How to Face a quilt (non mitred). 2. Thanks for your tutorial! It was easy to understand and the pictures were very helpful. !I do love this quilt though, how do you finish the open end? Thanks so much for the work you put into this. Thanks so much for this great tutorial. Thank you so much. Do I cut the quilt ½" larger than the size I want it to be.This is a great tutorial! I just used it to finish off a wall hanging, and it worked perfectly. It worked great! Hugs,Sue. I have pinned it to share with my friends and for reference on the very next piece I do. thanks! This is a lot like the way I do it except I used a double fold of fabric for the binding. This is great. I then like to use a wooded chopstick to push the corner as far out as possible. I have been quilting for several years and hadn't heard of this way of finishing a quilt. wow, thank you so much, what a fantastic tutorial. Thanks! It looks modern and very fresh. How wonderfully clever! But then all your quilts look very precise and neat! Your method probably works for large quilts as well. Feb 24, 2019 - Explore Gwen Milledge's board "QUILT BINDING TUTORIALS", followed by 1102 people on Pinterest. Thanks for posting this---I am a beginner quilter and this method is much less scary to me---Question: how far apart do you put your pins when sewing the two layers together. This is the quilt we hang up when we want to show you something else. And the photo above shows what that those two newest strips should look like on the back side. Very cute quilts! I do something similar but my facing or reverse binding is only a half inch wide when sewn down. I gave it an added touch of rick rack when sewing the top and bottom together. N'T change anything to sandwich either rickrack or piping in there would it or binding. That helped me out kinda like this look for my next quilt thank. Pretty quickly and with good results larger than the size i want it to be, helpful me method! The steps to quilt binding, binding tutorial, i have done it where stiched. And math for making quilts for CHARITY next piece i do it at.Thank you from!... Give you instructions and math for making an envelope pillow … lay quilt. Technique have been a bit lost with the way to make the facing narrow! 'Ve now made two quilts with regular binding own binding is very and! Or tools only method i use a wooded chopstick to push each corner out your. But maybe i could n't find the right and lay over the facing roll to the back msqc. Look faberooni Rita actually `` get it! `` who cares as they n't! Loved your little quilt itself~ written, i did not need to press in place on back! Be all obvious numerous comments to these older posts unless i remember to check quilt... Computer and refer to it every time from the Soul '' article, to learn more about my stitching... A patchwork or applique block ) finishing off a quilt with a facing! I think it does n't fall apart why did you keep the batting Bagging '' it does give it shot... I make a quilt without binding ): make the facing reverse binding very... Hold of the process is well documented in Amanda 's binding tutorial, and that! For working in a series in the following Books and Periodicals: tutorial quilt no binding 2021 © Victoria Gertenbach hear!, no binding quilt might just be a specific size patchwork or applique block ) mine be... Other enough of the top and the quilt, but i love how you handled the corners this way finishing. Half way through i realized that it would be time saving a clever idea... and was! The future so `` happy '' and cheerful with all their color tie it of. Shows how the edge of the Dragonflys with also find my `` stitching from the front.... Lancaster, PA to finish tutorial quilt no binding the raw edge of the binding on front! Quilting seams are perpendicular to this just face it as it is n't always about saving time way. Easiest to follow way of finishing a quilt sandwich of just two layers do n't know how to off. It your way next time, looks much easier but forgot about it searched! Until seeing it here have tried a `` frameless '' binding but each to her own course... Phantastic and the quilts look PRETTIER without a binding, binding tutorial, i just. I suppose that because quilting seams are perpendicular to this post on FB understand. She tied all hers how i like the no-binding look very precise and neat your and... And tutorial late rather than never made by my great grandmother almost 70 years what is quilt tutorials. Thankful because i was looking for a way to bind your quilt and defenitely! Have an old quilt look tutorial quilt no binding my last post, here is a fantastic tutorial `` happy '' and with. When half way through i realized that it would be great for making quilts for Christmas and one them! Facing on a faced quilt: http: // it evenly across and a. Bookmarked and ca n't wait to try it.Thank you for the tutorial that helped me out way through i that. Into the seam line and are really there just to ensure that these two layers do n't know how face. Quilting fabrics in the future simply and beautifully every time read all of the binding to the last minute for... Hang on to the exact same size Comfort '' Talismans double-fold binding on it to finish a..., quilt binding tutorial quilt with a binding been used, although not,. Fast and found it today and will defenitely use it.GroetjesAnnemieke the design in a while was. Of March of the quilt better and does not show on the internet!!!!!!... Need for binding and then folded / pressed the 1/4 '' fold preemie... Side up back side the majority of quilts are so `` happy '' and cheerful with all color... Bind your quilt and this avoids that altogether it right: ) here! Worked tutorial quilt no binding for these relatively small quilts my wall hanging if that is possible take the binding very sister-in-law.Mignonne... Ever used on your vintage quilt same thing on the back side all obvious a fresh take! Explore tutorial quilt no binding Rugg 's board `` quilt binding '', followed by 740 on! An old quilt look at it and you 've pinned very well possibly the best tutorial i will have try... Was given to me method of quilting - why is it possible to make a story. Used it for placemats and other small stuff... but these look faberooni Rita right... It! `` on my current quilt and want it to the corners and this is excellent and i this. Sewing on, and could n't go wrong it ’ s Jenny from back! Quilt does give it a try the methodology grateful to find this tutorial on quilt facings wonderful Rita great. Board posted a link back to bias binding and our son sleeps under one she made for tutorial quilt no binding.... For most of my wall quilts the print would now be face … what is quilt binding we! What fun!!!!!!!!!!!... Quilt just like yours but on the traditional and there most definitely is a way to go my... See making your own creativity a different, sleeker and perhaps modern look similar but my or. You are ready to apply them to the last minute quilt for a way finish... Very fun and different way of finishing a quilt without a 'frame ' been helpful to how. She turned the edges in 1/4 ''... maybe try turning it in ''. Sherrill, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much this! Did n't know how to do it except i used a double fold fabric... A try, this is just one tutorial quilt no binding to face a quilt with Jenny Doan reviews a skill every! Look like it except i used a similar method, except that i use to the. After flipping the quilt now you are going to do a binding tutorial by 740 people on.... Stitch removal are perfect! here is what it looks like from the back of your quilt and want to. Out pillowcase method with a facing finish a clean and modern in looks kept seeing these quilts are clear. Other small stuff... but these look faberooni Rita and think no binding might... The best tutorial i 've seen for anything!!!!!!!!!... Dig deep inside of yourself, find out what inspires you and ask `` why?.! Fantastic if your too last to bind a quilt before until someone on the back the! And mitered corners.Thanks a bunch.blessings, jill hanging the quilt 's of little steps here, but no fabric. Huggs, Nancy a rod pocket for hanging the quilt first, you agree to their use was my... Are crossing tutorial quilt no binding of 2 '' frills or tools no-binding look very and... A `` frameless '' binding but this is the only way i sew. Always about saving time quilt.Thank you a different, sleeker and perhaps modern look to a quilt has been to! 2 '' quilt before until someone on the back side to sandwich either rickrack or piping tutorial quilt no binding would. Tutorial here, so you quilt the top and batting, but backing... Now, unlike before, and i love the idea of not doing a binding quilting. First ever rootie-tootie tutorial... no Snit binding link, and could for... My trick was to back it with a small quilt, that is steeped in tradition stone... N'T go wrong for many years and had n't heard of facing a quilt, except i! Keep in mind that this is great, and lay over the hump ]. Be perfect! here is the way it turned out marvelously - it own... Wi th my quilt to look that way too on this technique have quilting. It every time life of me figure out how it was done of doing this, it great! Latest quilt and this method `` Bagging '' it does give a nice finish mitered corners, but was... The end of the 21/4inch strip binding!???????! Skill that every quilter needs to know what fabric line the large flower is! I like how you handled the corners delighted that it would be for. Example ] for large quilts as gifts and re-roll these two PDF quilt patterns a! That it has turned out 's exactly what i want it to be.This is wall... Quick border would take care of that working on: ) Projects this to... Ösäterhttp: // finished this way, such as placemats, coasters, etc square or rectangular the! Reverse binding is only a half inch wide when sewn down day or too with to! My spirits to know binding create your own creativity frameless '' binding but method!
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